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Welcome to Jeevottama Health

Jeevottama Health founded with an Aim to prevent, cure and avoid recurrence of diseases being suffered. Work stress, fast food, lack of quality food, fast life, lack of exercise/sedentary lifestyle, night shifts, lack of quality sleep etc. cause a lot of minute disturbances/changes in the body and mind which may later turn into conditions commonly known as diet and lifestyle disorders.

• Highly Experienced Doctors
• Success Rate of Healing
• Affordable price for Best Cure
• Supportive Environment

To fulfill all these criteria Jeevottama Health started its journey with the best available technology in the para surgical field aiming to build a disease free Society through various preventive and curative aspects. Moreover, all these techniques are ``MADE IN INDIA``. Thus Health for all can be achieved through our own techniques. The Clinic is very much accessible from Jayadeva, Silk Board, HSR, BTM, JP Nagar within 3 Kms.



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Facilities Available at Jeevottama Health

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Medical Treatment

All Treatments given in Jeevottama Health is medically proven and tested.

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24x7 Ambulance

Jeevottama Health also has the Ambulance Services for Emergency Patients.

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Professional Therapists

At Jeevottama Health, Well Qualified & Trained Therapists are available.

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Qualified Doctors

Our doctors are highly Qualified & Experienced, you get Quality treatments.

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By Jeevottama Dec 9, 2017

Anti Sneeze Tips

Sneezing is a reaction to irritants and a way for the nose to get rid of germs. Nearly any particle can irritate the nose and cause a sneeze.

By Jeevottama Apr 18, 2021

All about Ksharasutra

Since the time Ksharasutra has been globally recognised as one of the prime Ayurveda treatment for ano-rectal diseases, there have been multiple queries surrounding the same.

By Dr Sharad Kulkarni Dec 15, 2020

Causes of Gall Stones

What causes gallstones? Gallstones may form if bile contains too much cholesterol, too much bilirubin, or not enough bile salts Researchers do not fully understand why these changes in bile occur.

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